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Pauls Classic Car Sales

Paul's Classic Cars is located in the heart of Long Island and has a collection of top notch long island classic cars for sale.

You can find high end classic cars, antique cars, muscle cars and entry level cars in our inventory.
We are open 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday 9:00 am to 6:00pm. Check out the online inventory to see what classic cars we are currently offering for sale. Some cars are here, and some are off site, please call for more information..

Paul's Long Island classic automobile shop boasts the highest quality classic automobiles around. All of our muscle cars, sports cars, vintage classic cars, and pro street cars have been carefully inspected and refined to operate like brand new classic automobiles.
You will also be hard pressed to find a classic car dealer, with as much knowledge, experience, and admiration for classic cars as the Paul's Classic Car dealership possesses.
Take a browse through Paul's current classic automobile inventory. You will find a diverse array of pro street cars, muscle cars, and other vintage classic cars in mint condition. We currently house a unique display of Long Island classic automobiles, including everything from Pontiac, Corvette, Hummer, Plymouth, Cobra, and much more!
We invite you to frequently check our website, or contact our Long Island classic automobile shop, to check the status of our changing inventory. If you’re inquiring about a muscle car or sports car and you don’t see one that suits your needs, chances are we will find one that will shortly.
We thank you for considering Paul's Classic Cars and look forward to providing you with the finest Long Island classic automobiles around.

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